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Giordano - Mission Statement

Giordano International Ltd is one of the successful apparel retail businesses in Hong Kong.  It was established in 1981 and currently has stores in over 26 territories.  Giordano has a clear mission statement: .to make people feel good and look great・ (Giordano, 2001), which leads to the success of the company.  The mission statement is effective as it is market-oriented and defines the business based on satisfying basic customer needs (Kotler et al, 1999).  According to Pitts et al (1996) and Shaw (2001), the business definition should include market segments to be served, the customer needs which are to be satisfied and the process, or technology by which those needs are to be fulfilled in order to set the boundary and direction for the company.

The market segment

Giordano chooses to serve the young generation segments: .Giordano・ for men/women・s casual wear, .Giordano Ladies・ for women・s office wear, .Giordano Junior; for kids・ casual wear, and .Bluestar Exchange・ as an additional line for budget area.  The customers in the segments have similar characteristics such as strong self-identification, educated and low to middle income.  Giordano is sensitive to avoid product-led and focus on the customer needs, which is the perception of the target segments to view lifestyle as feeling good and looking great. 

The customer needs

With the demographic and socio-cultural changes, customers tend to look for higher living standard due to an increase of purchasing power.  Customers are no longer satisfied with the basic need of clothing as a protection and look for a higher level of satisfaction. 

Feel good is extra benefits perceived by the customers.  Value for money is the key component of this concept and it includes quality products, reasonable prices, customer service and speed.  Customers would feel good when they perceive that they make a right purchase.  Comfortable is another component of the concept as it is the major function of the clothing to feel good. 

Look great is to make products compatible to the needs and wants of the customers.  Customers would perceive they look great when the products are with right design and brand image as an identification of self. 

The process of the company

Giordano is successful in building their brand image as value for money.  They intend to use their skills and distinctive competence to create values to satisfy their target segments.

By means of .feel good・, they provide quality by doing things right such as using superior quality of fabrics and design.  They understand that the success of the company is built from the quality of their personnel assets.  So they continuously update and share knowledge with the expertise to increase their competitive advantage.  They adopt vertical integration strategy to reduce the costs and prices of their products.  Giordano has gained a lot of merits for their good service, which always exceeds the expectation of the customers.

By means of .look great・, they understand that innovation is vital in the fierce competition of apparel retail business.  The company always encourages their design teams to be innovative and think out of box.  They persist that simplicity can make people look great and comfortable for the philosophy of .less is more・.  The product life cycle of apparel business is rather short and Giordano is able to speed up the process through their just-in-time process.  This helps to keep their design always up-to-date. 

As a conclusion, the mission statement of Giordano has well-defined their business in the target segments of young generation, who want to feel good for the comfortable of the clothing by the right purchase, and to look great as compatible to their needs and wants.  The mission also directs the company to focus its resources in satisfying customer needs for now and in the future.

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