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Career Management - Part 8


The following programs are available to assist you to manage your career to be more effective and efficient. 

8.1  Highlighted Programs

8.1.1        Career Management Training Seminar

íP        brief review whole career management processes with more sophisticated self-assessment tests

íP        provides information to develop employee skills and attitudes toward taking greater responsibility for career management and development

íP        encourage employee to review this process as an opportunity not merely next promotion, but rather by developing own marketable skills

íP        hear reports from employees who made transitions to new job opportunities 

8.1.2        Career Opportunity Program

íP        provide a broad range of information about available jobs with required qualifications

íP        provide a system through which qualified employees may apply for these positions

íP        help employees to establish career goals 

8.2  Other Programs

See Figure 8.1 and Training Manual for details.

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