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Career Management - Part 1


1.1  Company Overview

With the efforts of all the employees, Opel Limited has entered its new era with recent restructuring (Figure 1.1) due to exploration of new market V accessories, in addition to our clothing line.  The company believes that its employees are its single most important asset and has therefore refined one of the missions as below:

...For every employee our values mean a trusting, equal opportunity, non-discriminatory working environment.  We will vigorously promote life-long career management and we will aim to offer all employees a challenging careerK 

1.2  Policy Statement

Career management policy statement includes:

P        developing and maintaining a staff to talented, ambitious workforce

P        improving employee morale, job satisfaction, and work performance by matching employee and companys needs

P        encouraging and assisting personal growth by providing the opportunity for each employee to realize his/her potential

P        identifying resources to help meeting the employees career development needs 

1.3  Purpose

The purpose of this manual is to provide some initial assistance and training to all employees (YOU) the necessary concepts/processes to develop your careers to meet your fullest potential, with appropriate resources supported by the company.  It also emphasizes that it is an interactive joint effort between you and the company leading to satisfy quality of work life (Figure 1.2).

1.4  Responsibility

1.4.1        The Company is responsible for supplying information about its mission, policies and plans for providing support for your self-monitor career management. 

1.4.2        Supervisor will be your primary career counselor who will encourage and work together with you:

P        to identify specific training and development opportunities in line with your short and long-range goals 

P        to assist in developing your career plan and monitor the progress at achieving your career goals 

P        to communicate information to you about career development resources/programs 

1.4.3        HR Department provides:

P        information of career development opportunities

P        reference center of career development materials and information

P        assistance in the development of your career plan

P        coordination of company training and development programs 

1.4.4        Employees (You) should initiate the career management process by taking an active interest in your own careers by:

P        self-assessment

P        setting short and long-range goals

P        initiating contact with supervisors or other companys specialists

P        working with supervisor to prepare an career plan

P        actively pursuing appropriate developmental activities

P        undertaking self-development on your own time and using your own resource 

1.5  Contents of the Manual

(Figure 1.3)

Please also refer to Appendix 1 for a list of recommended readings and resources about this topic.

1.6 Feedback System

Employees are encouraged to post their comments and suggestions about this manual to:

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